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Bear Scents

-Melts, Oils & Soaps -

Comforting Aromas For Your Home

Whether You're Airing, Melting or Washing
I'm sure I have something for you
.All Products Biodegradable.
Fragranced Oils
Vanilla Reed Diffuser
"Looking For Something Different"
"Inordinary Or Unordinary"

- Look No Futher -
Liquid Soap and Dispenser
Clear Liquid Soap and Dispenser
Bespoke Melts
Oils & Soaps
If you're looking for a personal touch which is not found on my website or elsewhere, you can contact me via email to make enquiries for said work and I will do my best to accommodate in the aroma, shape type and amount.

Please note these orders may take time to arrange, so please be patient, as I will be in contact with all clients to keep them apprised of their order.
Contact Me
79 Joydon Drive, Romford, RM6 4ST
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